About BM Process Management


Real added value for your organisation and projects. Not just producing deliverables, but giving you tangible added value with smart, simple and workable solutions. Offering you real commitment, fully aligned with all levels of your organisation. Highly experienced engineers and experts that manage themselves instead of needing management layers: lean and mean. We work for you, with you.
This is where BM Process proposes to you a different way of working.


By using pragmatic and fact-based approaches founded on in-depth experience. You are not just a number, but a client with whom we intend to have a relationship on a personal level. Based around mutual trust. This means direct and personal contact in an informal way. This also means only leaving when you are satisfied with the end result.


Whether by acting as your in-house engineering expert, consultant, project manager, commissioning engineer, trainer or by taking on bigger challenges that require a multidisciplinary team of dedicated experts.  From consultancy to complete engineering packages: We deliver what you need and help your project succeed.

Real passion. Genuine attention. Flexible. Pragmatic. Informal.


In this day and age, flexibility is key. We love what we do, putting our in-depth engineering knowledge and hands-on experience to work. On site, in the office, or wherever our journey may take us. Your benefit: no fancy big offices with high overhead cost, but getting what you need. No more, no less.

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