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Recently, we hosted the first ‘BMP Network and Strategy Event’ in Huize Bergen, Vught. A very nice and inspiring location to have a meeting, only 2min from the A2 highway in the midst of a park-like garden.

The goal of this meeting was to exchange thoughts and experiences, expand our network, find common ground and develop markets together with likeminded entrepreneurs in the engineering and process industry segments.

For this we invited experienced and passionate engineers/entrepreneurs:

  • Geoffrey van Elderen (founder and co-owner of smartHAZOP)
  • Ben Bovendeerd (co-owner of Chemploy and ChemXpro)
  • Mark Rombouts (co-founder and owner of AKConflex)
  • Huzaifa Das (co-owner of GreyTec and active member of BM Process)
  • Frank Kouwenberg (owner of ENC Consultants, active in member of BM Process)
  • Richard Sepp (Chemploy, active member of BM Process)
  • Marco de Jong (active member of BM Process)
  • James van Holst (independent entrepreneur in project management)

The event was hosted by Carine Muijtjens-van Horssen, my partner who works at Medtronic. She is a real organisational talent and is a great event host.

We started the day by having a short presentation of each company, with the goal to acquaint everyone with the work and services provided and with the spirit of the company in question. I found each company’s presentation inspirational and interesting and certainly good food for thought. What can I do differently? Where can we join forces?

Before the lunch break the meeting was a bit interrupted by the good news that Bart and Carine’s bid on a new house was accepted! We unexpectedly bumped into our dream house a few days before, and now it became reality! Talk about a stressful morning we both had…

After lunch we had a good time discussing opportunities outside of each individual’s normal work field and finding common ground for growth.

What all of us have in common is a real and deep passion for our work, our professional field and also the real hands-on practical approach to challenges at clients.

It is great to see likeminded people quickly find each other in great ideas! We certainly had some great ideas and strategies to join forces on projects, find opportunities and develop the markets across our fields of activity.

We concluded the day with a nice drink and a dinner at this great location in Vught, the Netherlands.

I want to thank every member of this group for their contribution, good companionship and support! I’m sure we will do this more often. The next time, it will be in our new garden in Gemonde with a nice BBQ!

Want to learn more about each company? Get in touch via LinkedIn or via their websites:

smartHAZOP®  is an innovative environment that enables cross-platform support to the whole team during the risk assessment. By using the smartHAZOP® platform it is possible to build on an ever-expanding knowledge base of scenarios that are specific to your industry. Scenarios that were captured, structured and enhanced by smartHAZOP® based on the input by many of the best assessment teams in your industry. Scenarios that were selected based specifically on your assets. Scenarios that include best practice safeguarding strategies. Scenarios that provide your assessment team with ALARP recommendations. And much more….

ChemXpro provides engineering and technology services and support. We work in the chemicals, food and, life sciences industries making them more efficient, more sustainable and, safe(r).

AKConflex can count itself to the very select group of true experts in the fields of pipestress and vessel engineering. We work with a very pragmatic and hand-on based approach in the fields of design of piping and pressure equipment, heat exchangers, etc. Our specialty is the implementation of equipment in brownfield plants, the proposals for repair of equipment, stress damage, and much more…

GreyTec B.V. is an agency for industrial equipment and process engineering services for the chemical process industry and we work with partners in India. You can consult us for storage tanks, pipelines, scrubbers, mixers, pumps, heat exchangers, valves. Together with BM Process we can offer basic and detailed front-end engineering design. Our team consists of experienced professionals with more than 20 years working within the chemical industry in various manufacturing and technology roles. With our operational experience in the petrochemical, chlor-alkali and chemical industry, and our technical expertise in process engineering, we are confident we can provide a cost-effective, high-quality solution to your CAPEX and OPEX requirements.


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