A new look for BM process!

After starting the adventure of entrepreneurship in early 2020, we have come a long way. From a one man show from a desk in the attic to 6 team members and clients throughout Europe, great partnerships and a lot more to come. This deserved a better and fresher look, so I took to work on creating a new ‘corporate identity’ for BM Process. Not that we are anything near corporate, but anyway…

Thanks to our website and IT partner Kwaaijongens (kwaaijongens.nl) I got in touch with Lotte Broeren (lottebroeren.nl). After a good conversation, she went to work with the information and managed to deliver a, what I find, great result!

Our new logo and style has come out like this:

I’m really proud of the result. Thank you Lotte, great work!

The inspiration of this logo (and the previous iteration) comes from my roots in Limburg, an old coal mining region and the birthplace of what is now Chemelot / Brightlands. It started out with coal mining, in which my ancestors were all active. The company was called ‘Staatsmijnen’ and later went on to become ‘DSM’ (Dutch State Mines). The logo I always found compelling with the ‘van Iterson’ cooling towers.  So we are active in the same field as this company once started out in, and also our new logo is a little nod to our past.

Further news: Podcast and YouTube channels!

To enable further growth, and getting in touch with a broader audience, I had the idea to come up with a PodCast channel as well as a YouTube channel. I founded these under the name ‘The Engineering Café’.

The goal is twofold:

  • Deliver webinars and learning sessions in the field of engineering, projects and emission control (YouTube webinars, vlogs)
  • Provide a discussion platform in an informal way, for anything engineering and technology (podcasts)

Keep an eye out for updates in the coming period. And, for this Lotte also created a very cool visual. Sapere Aude (dare to know). Do you dare to follow us? I sure hope so!


Feedback, questions or interested in a conversation?

I look forward to hearing from you. Feedback or questions on my services, website and projects are always welcome. Do you have an engineering challenge, are you looking for a consultant with whom you can have a conversation on the questions you have: do not hesitate to contact me. I will take the time for you, and do my utmost to help you with any challenge at hand. And that’s a solid promise.

E: bart@bmprocess.nl
T: +31 (0)6 421 73 663