Emission control

Facing the challenges of a changing world. 

The global energy landscape is changing. The push for alternative energy sources is in full swing: green electricity, green hydrogen and sustainable fuels will replace fossil fuels in the combat of CO2 emissions globally.

Another recent challenge is to reduce the deposition of nitrogen in the soil, which requires a strong reduction of reactive components such as NOx.

The world needs to reduce emissions in order to face the global warming effects. VOCs however have a far greater global warming potential than for example CO2.

Companies have an important role to play: sustainable management has become the new standard. And this not only helps the environment. Emission reduction combined with innovative solutions as an integral part of the company strategy has positive effects on business.

How to combine these factors in an emission reduction strategy with optimised technology?

How to choose and invest wisely and be ready for the future?

Our answer to these questions is found in our holistic approach to emission control strategies.

This is where our expertise comes into play and changes the game for you. We at BM Process are seasoned experts with real hands-on experience. We’re not scared of thinking ‘outside the box’ but we also ensure you get solutions that really work. Not just on paper.

BM Process. The emission control engineers. 

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BM Process Management provides all services needed to tackle your emission challenges. From the first screening of emissions to the quick deployment of rental solutions and the development of complete systems. Also take a look at our project portfolio to see what we can do for you.

  • Emission quick scan: screening of processes and emission sources
  • Pre-engineering studies: selection of the most viable solutions for you. Not just on paper but tried and tested in real life.
  • Development of an emission reduction strategy for your business. Short-, mid- and long-term.
  • Emission measurements (planning & realisation)
  • Guidance on emission requirements and permit procedures
  • Supporting your communication with authorities and stakeholders
  • Engineering and project development of emission control systems
  • Vapour / emission extraction systems
  • Debottlenecking projects to reduce downtime and increase profitability
  • Connection of existing systems to a polishing technique
  • Development of maintenance strategies
  • Rental solutions for odor and emission control: carbon filters, combustion processes, scrubbers

For Vapour Recovery Units (VRU) specific expertise is available:

  • VRU activated carbon analysis
  • VRU activated carbon change procedures
  • VRU optimization / debottlenecking projects (hard- and software)
  • Absorbent chilling systems
  • Pre-scrubbers and guard beds
  • Polishing techniques for existing units
  • VRU and RTO or membrane unit combinations
  • Selection and development of new VRU systems
  • Commissioning support

BM Process. The expert engineers. 

Technology selection: pre-engineering studies

Emission reduction can be achieved by a myriad of technologies and solutions.

BM Process Management has extensive expertise in all relevant technology fields and will support you in selecting the optimal solution for your situation:

  • Smart vapour extraction
  • Vapour recovery Units (VRU)
  • Vapour balancing systems
  • Thermal oxidation (incinerator / RTO / CATOx)
  • De-NOx systems (SCR and SNCR)
  • Wet gas scrubbers
  • Non-thermal plasma technologies
  • Solids filtration systems
  • Odor abatement systems
  • Activated carbon solutions (rental and permanent)
  • Emission monitoring technologies
  • LEL detection systems
  • Odor measurement technologies
  • Waste-to-energy systems (product recovery, heat or cold generation, biogas, electricity generation)

Experience from various industries leads to smart, out of the box solutions.

BM Process. The smarter engineers. 

What sets us apart: A holistic approach to emission control.

The ability not to look at issues separately from each other, but to see them in context with each other has always been a challenge. But a challenge we love to face.

If one has these skills, it is possible to design a complex system in such a way that it works well together. This approach to the solution of a task is called holistic approach.

Only through a holistic view of the entire process, an optimal system can be achieved with minimal emissions, an attractive business case and long-term reliability.

A real challenge for engineers when the task and the requirements are highly complex – like the task of cleaning VOC emissions sustainably and as CO2 and NOX neutral as possible.

We love this challenge. Our holistic approach starts with a good and in-depth understanding of your production process, your energy needs and the emission legislation at hand. Via a pre-engineering study we will develop the possible solution paths for you, assisting you in making the right choice for you. From technology selection to cost estimating and implementation planning: we take care of business.

Secure your license to operate, contribute to a more sustainable future: get the expertise on board to get the job done. First time. Every time. Fast, thorough and efficient.

BM Process. The holistic engineers. 


You will experience it quickly: we have engineering and projects in our blood. And that makes a difference.


With deep roots in the process industry, you profit from this experience and cross-over effects between industries.

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