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BM Process Management has over 15 years of experience in several markets that have one thing in common: all are ‘process industries’ in a different form. This combination of experiences and markets gives you one big advantage: cross contamination of ideas and solutions that an engineer or consultant focused on just one market cannot provide.

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Oil, gas and chemicals

The oil, gas and chemical industries could be seen as one of the most challenging environments in the engineering, projects and safety business. Large installations, big projects, huge safety risks.

The experience of BM Process Management in this business segment is very broad: from conceptual engineering to start up and commissioning of process installations mostly in the downstream section of the industry.

Refineries, tank storage facilities, polymer production and processing, shipping installations, truck- and railcar loading, emission control facilities: with BM Process Management you have access to the experience that matters.

BM Process. The engineers.


Energy is an essential part of our communities. The energy transition is a subject that will dominate the agendas worldwide for the coming decades. Securing sustainable and reliable energy is a challenge we have to face.

Sustainable energy in the future also requires a transition by using the sources we have at our disposal in a smarter and more efficient way. Waste-to-energy, biomass, biogas, waste heat recovery, energy consumption reduction of existing processes: all of these are items in which BM Process Management can advise you on the best way forward.

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You will experience it quickly: we have engineering and projects in our blood. And that makes a difference.


With deep roots in the process industry, you profit from this experience and cross-over effects between industries.

Broad network

Only the best for you: with our broad and deep network you have access to specialists no matter what the challenge.

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Due to the limited number of projects we take on, we have time for you as a customer and listen to your needs.

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Tank storage 

The tank storage part of the industry is an often overlooked ‘last link in the chain’. It is just storage of liquid or gaseous bulk products, so how hard can that be?

The tank storage is a small link in the total supply chain, but one that can influence the success of that chain in a far greater way than its total cost would imply. It is about storing products with care, in a safe and sustainable way.

Due to over 10 years of experience in the tank storage industry, BM Process Management knows what’s at stake in this industry. Initial design of tank farms, upgrading existing facilities, debottlenecking, safety issues, utility systems, emission control systems, loading facilities for trucks, railcars, barges and vessels or the engineering of storage tanks.

BM Process. The tank storage engineers. 

Food & beverage, feed

Food is at the core of our daily life. Producing food in a smart and sustainable way is a huge challenge to feed an ever-growing population with a lesser impact on the planet.

Interestingly, we have found found during our experience with food projects (beverages, ready-to-eat meals, starch production, animal feed) that there is a huge cross section between the oil, gas and chemicals segments and the food industry. Solutions developed in one industry can very well be used in another. One just should see it and grab the opportunity or at least come up with the idea.

Food safe and hygienic design for instance is very much akin to the design used in chemical plants to prevent contamination and prevent build-up of products. Clean-in-place procedures from food plants can be very practical in the tank storage industry for instance.

Food companies sometimes lack the experience or input from process experts that can enable them to make their plants smarter and easier to use and maintain. And safer. Not only food safety is at stake, also process safety is a growing point of attention in the food production industry. For example, HAZOP and LOPA studies can not only attribute to a safer design but also form a very good platform to identify food-safety related risks.

BM Process. The smarter engineers. 

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