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A combination that makes sense. Why? We offer you unparalleled experience.

Emission control and process engineering is not your core business in tank storage. It however impacts your licence to operate and is becoming part of your primary process. To enable you to stay focused on your core business, you as a client require know-how, hands-on solving capabilities and reliability. This is where we come in.

The engineering and legislation experience of our team combined with the unique and state-of-the-art systems developed by Krantz are a combination that solves issues. For you, the customer. So you can focus on your core business: operating a safe, reliable and smooth running terminal.

What sets us apart: the holistic approach

By ensuring we look at the bigger picture of your terminal, we are able to deliver all-encompassing designs that deliver results. CO2-neutral, NOx-neutral and extremely energy efficient.

Our engineering is what you require. No more, no less.

Engineering and consultancy in a fresh and different way. That is what we offer to you: lean, mean, to the point. No piles of documents and overhead cost but simple, effective and high quality engineering. Local partners, combined with our backoffice in India to deliver you real engineering power.

Discover our approach to tank storage and emission control projects.

Think. Engineer. Solve. 

BM Process Management

Lean & mean engineering and consultancy

Engineering for multidisciplinary projects is no easy feat. Often you get the large engineering firms involved that deliver good work. At a significant cost. This is due to high overhead costs, rigid procedures and many other things.

We like it lean and mean. You too? Then read on…

To execute a project, engineering on all levels needs to be executed. Here our smart and pragmatic approach comes to show its full potential. We believe that smaller (sub 5 MMEuro) and brownfield projects benefit from an approach where we do the conceptual and basic+ engineering, delivering RFQ packages that can be executed by your preferred contractors.

With our engineering backoffice of Quanta Process Solutions in Vadodara, India, consisting of over 120 engineers, we can deliver complete engineering packages. A local partner combined with the power of a large engineering company.

What can we do?

  • Piping engineering & 3D modeling
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Process automation
  • Process safety engineering

Your benefit? A trusted local partner, short communication lines combined with real engineering power. We develop a clear scope with you, reducing the risk for rework. You remain in full control.  And last but not least: by this combination we can promise an extremely attractive price / quality ratio. You don’t pay for unnecessary documentation and overhead cost. Lean and mean. We like it that way. And we’re sure that you will, too!

Krantz Clean Air Solutions

Customer optimised. CO2-optimised. Service optimised.

Krantz Clean Air Solutions deals with environment-related processes, in particular with the treatment of industrial exhaust air laden with hydrocarbons. On the basis of decades of experience in this field, we design exhaust air treatment systems that meet the specific requirements of our individual customers and we supply our Industrial Air Solutions throughout the world.

Our system technology of Clean Air Solutions is based on thermal afterburning, i.e. oxidation of hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water. Among all exhaust air treatment systems applied for the treatment of exhaust air contaminated with hydrocarbons, thermal oxidation systems achieve the highest destruction yields and meet the strictest emission limits.

Krantz sets itself apart by using a holisitic approach for thermal oxidation technologies achieving not only emission compliance but the highest possible energy efficiency and low operational costs. In 2022, Krantz celebrated its 140th anniversary. Our philosophy has remained unchanged for over more than a century: quality, service, efficiency and total customer-orientation.

Solutions offered comprise:

  • Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers
  • Catalytic Thermal Oxidisers
  • VOC-to-power systems
  • Concentration systems

Key points: we solve for you with passion


You will experience it quickly: we have engineering and projects in our blood. And that makes a difference.


With deep roots in the process industry, you profit from this experience and cross-over effects between industries.

Broad network

Only the best for you: with our broad and deep network you have access to specialists no matter what the challenge.

Personal contact

Due to the limited number of projects we take on, we have time for you as a customer and listen to your needs.

Clear communication

Customer focused, pragmatic communication. Keeps you up to date on project facts anytime, anywhere.

Innovations by Krantz

Innovation in oxidation: smartRTO

Our highly committed clients are making significant contributions to climate stability – one of the most important environ- mental goals of our time. For decades now, we have been helping them reduce harmful VOC emissions with sophisticated technology and specific system configurations for energy- optimized exhaust air processing and heat recovery.

With the SmartRTO we go one step further, to make exhaust air treatment even more efficient. The Krantz SmartRTO bundles all of our experience into one universal compact system which is ideally suited to typical areas of application in a variety of markets.

Key features:

  • Best in class emission performance
  • Modular and standardised design
  • Prefabricated and pre-commissioned: plug and play
  • Easy to transport and install: minimal downtime of production

Moreover this system can be equipped with options such as a hot gas bypass and a buffer chamber (for the 2-bed design).

But the innovation does not stop here. The SmartRTO will also be available as an electrically heated system in several sizes, combining the small footprint with an even lower carbon footprint.

In the near future this system will also be available with an additional catalyst bed, enabling a reduction in oxidation temperature. This is the ideal combination with electrical heating lowering the energy consumption to unparalleled levels.

SmartRTO sizes and options

Smart flexibility for every application

Type Capacity [m3/h] Sizes (Lenght x Depth x Height) [mm] Bed height [mm] Weight [kg]
SmartRTO 5/2 5.000 7.620 x 2500 x 3880 1.200 13.500
SmartRTO 10/2 10.000 8.960 x 2.800 x 4.200 1.500 22.059
SmartRTO 20/2 20.000 12.800 x 3.400 x 4.200 1.500 37.558

Options for the 2-bed SmartRTO:

  • Hot gas bypass
  • Buffer chamber
Type Capacity [m3/h] Sizes (width x length x height) Bed height [mm] Weight [kg]
SmartRTO 10/3 10.000 12.045 x 2.780 x 4.002 1.300 13.500
SmartRTO 15/3 15.000 12.771 x 3.280 x 4.187 1.300 22.059

Options for the 3-bed SmartRTO:

  • Hot gas bypass

VOC-fired power generation

The use of exhaust air containing VOCs as a fuel additive in a micro gas turbine CHP unit enables the autonomous, decentralised generation of electricity and heat for the energy needs of industrial plants.

The use of a microturbine is very efficient in terms of energy if electricity and heat are needed at the same time as the VOC emissions are emitted during production. The heat demand should be as high as the heat output of the CHP unit throughout the year.

Even large exhaust air volume flows can be co-combusted in a microturbine if a concentration unit for exhaust air treatment is installed upstream as the first stage.

Interested to find out more?

Fancy a deep-dive in emission control philosophies and our way of working? Good news! You a download our free white-paper via the button below. 

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Emission control consultancy

Emission control systems in tank storage are common. Most often, systems such as vapour recovery units, activated carbon beds, wet gas scrubbers and incinerators are in use. Ever tighter emission requirements combined with ageing of equipment result in non-compliance and high OPEX figures. BM Process assists you in tackling the challenges that arise. What can we do for you?

  • Review of data, trending, operational procedures
  • Support in understanding the latest emission regulations
  • Pre-engineering studies to identify gaps and possible solutions
  • Vapour recovery units: performance reviews and optimisation studies
  • Development of carbon change procedures
  • Debottlenecking studies of all types of equipment

Let’s talk emissions

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