Project Management

Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at a specified time. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints.

Sounds simple right?  In reality it’s often not. Elaborate project management procedures can be useful but can also slow your progress and the drive to go forward. Projects often tend to fail from the beginning by lacking a clear scope of work. This in return makes scope changes difficult, resulting in a cost overrun and planning issues. A clear Basis of Design is what starts everything off. Certainly, when this document has the buy in from all relevant stakeholders.

So what is this ‘pragmatism in the driver’s seat’ you might ask? I explain it like this: hands-on work, a true team effort combined with a strong adherence to procedures and methods without getting lost in the world of management b*llshit-bingo.

BM Process. The project engineers. 


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With years of experience backed up by management training programs, BM Process Management has the experience managing small- to midsize projects in several industries. From tank storage projects to food production plants, the key attention points in project management are always the same: managing scope, time, resources, risks and stakeholders in the most effective way. Due to experience on all levels, I can easily connect on both a boardroom and a production level.

In the field of project management the following services can be offered to you:

  • Project scope development (design basis)
  • Development of a project schedule
  • Input on project estimates
  • Project management of mono- and multidisciplinary projects
  • Development of project management procedures
  • Project engineering roles

Getting the job done: on time, within budget, with a good team spirit. That’s our goal.

BM Process. The project engineers.


You will experience it quickly: we have engineering and projects in our blood. And that makes a difference.


With deep roots in the process industry, you profit from this experience and cross-over effects between industries.

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Only the best for you: with our broad and deep network you have access to specialists no matter what the challenge.

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Customer focused, pragmatic communication. Keeps you up to date on project facts anytime, anywhere.

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