BM Process Management is growing: welcome Marco!

After starting BM Process Management in the beginning of 2020, I never imagined it taking me to where we are now. I’m grateful for the trust people and companies have put in me and my abilities.

Growing is never easy, and I contemplated a long time on how to best pursue this goal. But it is not a goal in itself to grow as a company, it however should be a means to an end:  serving customers better and making a difference in the way projects are handled.

So it is with a lot of pleasure I can announce that Marco de Jong will join the BM Process crew as per November 1st. Marco and I have known each other for a long time and now the opportunity formed to join forces for projects. Marco is an engineering guy all-round with a strong E&I and Automation background. But more importantly he has a lot of experience  in vapour handling and emission control systems. From VRU’s to RTO’s and thermal oxidizers: they hold little secrets for Marco. He knows the challenges that come with these technologies and their implementation. He knows how to get the right information, ask the right questions and implement that into a design. That is a combination hard to beat, and a welcome addition that enables us to handle more projects and satisfy customers.

Always with passion, experience and a real hands-on approach.

So welcome Marco, and I look forward to where this journey will take us next! Let’s kick some…emissions.

You can reach Marco via the mail address:

The next addition to the team is already in the pipeline, so stay tuned.


Feedback, questions or interested in a conversation?

I look forward to hearing from you. Feedback or questions on my services, website and projects are always welcome. Do you have an engineering challenge, are you looking for a consultant with whom you can have a conversation on the questions you have: do not hesitate to contact me. I will take the time for you, and do my utmost to help you with any challenge at hand. And that’s a solid promise.

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